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Adding Files and Folders to Google Drive
Last Updated 3 years ago

Accessing Google Drive

Google Drive can be accessed at Edison users can then log in with their email credentials, and their email password.

Adding a File or Folder to Google Drive

Adding a file to Google Drive can be done a couple different ways, the simplest of which is to click the "New" button in the top left of the page and select File Upload or Folder Upload.


Another very simple way to add files to Google Drive is to directly drag and drop them from Windows File Explorer. To learn more about Windows File Explorer, click here. A video example of this is below.

You may also notice while watching the above that when I drag my file over top of a folder in Google Drive, it highlights the individual folder. This allows you to quickly drag and drop files directly into a specific folder in Drive. Be careful where you drop a file in Drive so that you don't accidentally drop it into the wrong place! It will go where ever is highlighted.

Moving Folders to a Shared Drive

Moving folders to a Shared Drive from your own Google Drive is not quite as simple as just dragging and dropping unfortunately. Google places an arbitrary limitation on this to prevent users inadvertently sharing data they may not wish to share. We can get around this limitation by downloading the folder you wish to move to a shared drive, unzipping it, and re-uploading it to your target destination. A video demonstrating this is below.

  1. Right click the folder.
  2. Click "Download".
  3. Open the folder once it has downloaded.
  4. Click "Extract All" and choose the extraction destination.
  5. Navigate to the destination on the Shared Drive where you would like to upload the file.
  6. Follow the above directions on how to upload a folder to Drive.

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