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Printing to PDF
Last Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes a printer isn't available, or it doesn't make sense to print a document out before sending it on to someone, via email or Google Drive, etc.

One of the best solutions to this is to print to a PDF. Printing to PDF is a feature of most modern operating systems and browsers and is very simple to use.

To print to a PDF, simply print your file as normal, just as if you were to send it to a printer, but when you get to the print dialog, select "Save as PDF" as the option for your printer.


This will open a File Save Dialog that you can use to select the destination for where you'd like to save this PDF and set a name for the PDF. The typical default storage destination is your Downloads folder, but feel free to save these where ever you like.


For more information on creating, managing, and navigating Windows folders, click here.

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