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Not Receiving Emails Regarding Meet Meetings?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you're not receiving emails from Google about upcoming meetings, it's likely you have your notifications turned off for Google Calendar. This is an easy fix.

Navigate to 

Make sure you are looking at the calendar for your school email, and not any personal emails you may also have attached to your browser. 

Click the settings cog in the top right and go to Setttings.

Find the "Settings for my calendars" section on the left side and find the calendar with your name on it and click on it.

Scroll down a bit to "Event Notifications" and ensure that their is a notification to remind you about a meeting there. I have mine set to remind me 10 minutes prior to a meeting.

Scroll down a bit further and look for the "Other Notifications" settings. Here, ensure that all of these are set to send an email for these events. You may leave the Daily Agenda turned off.

That should be it, you should again be receiving notifications for Meet meetings.

Video below if you need any further clarity. Feel free to submit a ticket to the helpdesk if you need additional assistance.

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