Frequently Asked Question

Scheduling a Hangouts Meet Meeting
Last Updated 3 years ago

Scheduling a meeting in with Google Calendar is a great way to make sure your participants are on time and have easy access to their meeting information. This can be done at by clicking the "Create" button in the top left. Add a title at the top, then enter your date and time for the meeting in the popup and add your guests. Note, you can use groups to invite your guests, so feel free to use your all staff or teachers groups for this. Once all that is set up if Google didn't already add a Meet link for you next to the little camera icon, select "Add rooms, location, or conferencing" and click the "Add video conferencing" button. You should see a Hangouts Meet session link appear in that field and you are good to go. Feel free to add any other information on that screen that is important to your meeting and then save it.

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